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I really loved this pattern when Kat asked around the WSBN for testers.  It was the first pattern I've ever tested and I was giddily excited to test it.  Its a great pattern and I'm keen to make it again - but if I want it to take a lot less time (and for it to fit better) I'll have to seriously learn from my mistakes.  

I needed to grade between sizes and unfortunately as I was so long between starting this pattern and finally finishing it up, I can't even vaguely remember what I did to the pattern pieces to get to this stage.  Must. Take, More. Notes. As. I. Sew.

The fabric was a relatively light weight cotton from Brazil.  The weight was great for the pattern but the design made it look - as one of the Fabric Hoarders suggested - like a paediatric nurse's uniform.

So what would I change next time?
1. Place button in a location better suited to my bust (reduce bra sightings) - photo above

2. Grade around the bust differently - there's too much weird bunching under the sleeve

3. And the bust shaping under the bust needs to come in more quickly.  

4.  The sleeves are little too tight so will need to come out a bit more.

5. I also want to make use of the really nice details, Kat has built into the pattern - much clearer on the pattern page than on my version. The pockets are a neat detail.  

The fit issues aren't surprising as I didn't have time to muslin first (and still didn't finish it in time - I got about 3/4s of the way through testing before running out of time - and motivation).  I had a clear out of clothes before I left NZ, so I can't remember if I held on to this to see what changes needed to be made to the pattern pieces (I hope so) but I was in major declutter mode!


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