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I also ended up crocheting a few bits and pieces for my cousins new little people (she had twins!).  I made an octopus each.  I've also made a few crochet balls for my own little person to play with.  Yarn: Gifted cotton yarn (from the lovely Caroline ) Stuffed with pillow stuffing. Pattern: video tutorial:  and text pattern:

Even more Bibs

Some quick sewing makes for new arrivals.  My cousin had twins a little while ago and I couldn't pass by the opportunity for a few quick makes. Pattern: same as these (and STILL can't find the free online pattern) Fabric: Gifted quilting cotton for the fronts and a newly purchased and then chopped up towel for the back. I also use my Kam Snaps press to attached some quick plastic snaps. I also did a little applique to jazz up the front.  Rather pleased with how it turned out as it looks a little sheriff-y!

Fabric a brac

Fabric - a - brac is a biennial sewing event I adore.  I'm not really sure why I get quite as giddily excited every time.  Its partly the insight into other people's sewing stash and excitement of not knowing what you'll find and then meeting up with other sewing enthusiasts! The photo above is my haul from the second to last event.  And the photo below is from the last (I was quite constrained!).  So how have I done in terms of sewing this up in the meantime? Top: Still to sew - the cotton deer, blue cotton terry. Sewn - B&W stripes and animals (top and pants for LP), red merino (used but didn't go well!), purple cotton ribbing (used for LP) Bottom: Sewn: Green cotton terry sewn as shorts for LP. Pattern: Not yet - but so need to! Yarn: Haven't crocheted this up yet :) About a 50% pass rate I think!  I've been trying very hard to reduce my stash since the start of the year and have been using the Stash Shrinker spreadsheet by SewJourners .  I

Oliver & S sunhat

Pattern: Oliver and S free reversible sunhat Size: I made extra small and small Amendments: Added ties and used upholstery fabric for the outside (made it non - reversible though!) Fabric: Outside - a gift from the lovely Gillian (she's started a new blog but I can't find it - her old one is here ), the fabric on the inside is left over cotton from a disastrous version of the Muse Melissa (still a cool pattern but that fabric and my poor princess seam FBA didn't do me any favours), the ties were the leftovers from a shift dress I made early in my sewing career - again cotton and some homemade white bias binding. While these are lovely, and look great - they're too small for my LP due to the thickness of the fabric used and the sizes I choose to make.  I'll be very happily gifting them to other little people in the future and will also need to make the next size up for my little person. 

Jacks hip hop harems

A quick but satisfying make for my little person.  I used the Hip Hop Harems by Little Kiwi Closet .  I used the Jacks fabric I purchased from Elevated Fashion Fabrics .  Looks fun on LP and I'm pleased with the piecing as the jacks are a little overwhelming by itself!