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Grr Computers

My computer isn't playing nicely so no more posting for a while. Fingers crossed the nice people in the computer shop will help me fix it. In the mean while here's a photo of an historic building near work.

Blog giveaway

My Byrd House is giving away some really lovely prizes if you leave a comment on her post 'Happy Blog Day to Me' .

Toting for Christmas

I'm really happy with my productive weekend. I've finished Christmas presents for one Aunt and have napkins cut out ready for sewing and a tote bag ready for my other Aunt. Still not sure what to get for my mother and my best friend and haven't thought about my father or brothers or grandmother but I'll get there! I bought this material on special last week. It had this hideous trim but I unpicked it and now I really like it. And this is one of the finished bags. I really like the handles but not so happy with the lining. The pink doesn't really go. Bits of the handles were patched together from leftover scraps. Definitely a favour of mine! Bag number two has brown lining and looks much better but the multicoloured handles would have looked nice! This is the back of the bag. The fabric looks great now doesn't it? :) Here's the close up of the fabric. Finally, here's two pictures of the front and back of a sleeping mask I made for my aunt from Amy Butle