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Woolly blankets

After finishing a  mammoth blanket last year  and the mid sized blanket in that post too, I still had some left over wool I needed to use up.  I used a hexagon pattern with a bubble stitch and mixed up the colours on most of the hexs.  Really pleased with how it turned out but the sewing in of the ends was an absolute pain.   It felt immensely satistfying to finish off the balls. Although I did end up with quite a few pink ones so have put those aside with some other wool for a currently on the hook blanket make.  The bubble stitch is fun - I don't think the photos do it justice as the 3D element is a nice addition.  Below is the back- hopefully you can see the difference. I also finished a buggy blanket for our daughter just before she was born (and I do mean just before as I was finishing it hooking and sewing in ends at the start of labour! Thankfully it was finished in time and kept her toasty on the way home from the hospital).

Quilting with Dr Suess

Over the years I've purchased quite a bit of quilting fabric.  I think every new sewist does.  The prints are great.  But then I slowly realised that their not great for clothing in terms of drape or the size of the print is a bit strange for clothing too.  So in a completely unsurprizing turn of events, I've started to destash my quilting fabrics by making quilts - strange, no? I'm rather pleased with my straight line sewing in this instance (I have high asprirations! But seriously most of those squares lined up at the corners - Woohoo!  That's a win in my book) The Dr Suess fabric was purchased when a quilting shop in marsden village went out of business. So it's been sitting around for a while. I hand tied the quilt to sew it to the backing with white wool. The backing (and batting) is orange fleece I bought for outdoor blankets at our wedding. Yes, I've stock piled those too! Bound in white with some left over scraps for inte

Sorting out and experimenting

I'm moving my sewing room into our guest room so our daughter has her own room. This week has been a lot of sorting but I found a little time to experiment with wrapping this evening. Made the sorting so much more enjoyable!