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starting a stocking

I'm slowly making my way through stored cross stitch kits. A few years ago, a local store were having a rather good sale and I stock up on cross stitch kits - yes, it fell into the 'bargain' category rather than 'want' one! So I've ended up with (a thankfully slowly dwindling) stash of cross stitch kits. I finally finished up this Christmas stocking. I think I was attracted to the colours but as it turns out, not the pattern. But I just need to decide on a recipient and sew this baby up! (could be years...)

yellow schoolbag

A recent purchase to replace my poor handbag (which I've already repaired three times - unfortunatetly this time its the leather outside and not the lining giving way!). Purchased from Bohemia all the way in Edinburgh.

Thinking about televisions

  My parents are coming over this Christmas to visit for the first time.  Despite getting rather excited about the whole visit, I'm also planning things I can do around the house once I have the 'big guns' present.  One of these such jobs is to wallpaper behind the newly mounted television.  I was really inspired by this cover of the NZHouse and Garden. I think a dark backdrop might just take from the monolith that is a very large television. I got a wonderful email this morning from one of my giveaway winners ( Ollie & T ) who very kindly shared the details of my parcel on her blog this morning - I hope she gets a lot of use out of the bag! :)

Garden moments

Its coming into warmer weather slowly (and with a few false starts) in New Zealand.  I'm really enjoying discovering the treasures our new garden has in store.    Some wonderful colour and beautiful surprises. Wild garlic and splashes of bright brilliance. I also had some wonderful news over the weekend.  My brother and his warm, bubbly, talented and all round wonderful girlfriend are engaged! :) They went away for a trip to Edinburgh for the weekend and he proposed on one knee overlooking the city.  I couldn't be more delighted for them both.  They're really wonderful together (I may be over using that word!). I wonder if I'll get to make a speech at the wedding!  Ha ha!  I doubt my brother would let me near the microphone :) Now to convince them that a trip to New Zealand is the best honeymoon ever...

my latest card creations

I'm so happy that picassa has removed the five picture limit for blogger uploads! It means I don't have to spread the images out over a number of posts :) The card above seems to work quite well. The card is metallic and the finding on the front is from a pair of earrings where one went walkabout when I wore them to work! I have a thing about maps and I enjoyed putting this card together from washi tape, scrap paper and an old world map! Not much personal input on this one - the bits are stickers my aunt gave me for a previous birthday (I think!) Same set of stickers! This was an idea that didn't quite work out. Glue and glitter. I think the heart needs to be closer to the right and potentially followed by two smaller ones (though I don't know if the smaller ones will be possible). I haven't quite finished this card I think, I've placed the rest of this 'lot' into my card box but I think I need to locate my heart punch a

Arranging pieces

We also needed some lighting in the living room and I moved home this lamp from work. It could do with another few inches in height but it works well there nonetheless.


My hexagon blanket is continuing, slowly... With all the house disruptions (and travel for the World Cup!) I haven't had a chance to make any real progress on this - it doesn't help that I have another crochet project on the go as well!

new stool

Our sitting room is coming together - a slow and steady process! BM and I recently purchased this 'milking' stool as a side table for the arm chair at one end of the living room. I love the dark colour and it works really well with the picture rail in the room.

The end of world cup dreams for Ireland

I'm posting this today after a rather disappointing loss to Wales on Saturday. I went all crazy last week and bought an early birthday present ticket for the Quater Finals match against Wales (for far, far too much money). Unfortunately, Ireland didn't deliver... I still have my photos to post of the Russian match - unfortunately, I didn't manage to take any non-blurry photos at the Italian match as it was a 8.30pm kick off and the weekend was more of a friend visiting experience than a touristy one! However, both trips were wonderful. Dunedin was a sea of green and such an amazing atmosphere.

the blue house

There's something about this cross stitch that reminds me of my new home. Its hanging on the wall in my craft room at the moment and I'm coming up with a longer term solution that doesn't look too twee!

Giveaway winners

Busy, busy, busy this week - but that's always the way when you think you won't be! Thanks so much for your comments (and hello to my new followers!) As there were comments for both the bag and scarf, I've decided to send both.   Tania and Hausfrau, I'll be in contact by email to get your postal addresses.