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It's been a while

My lovely daughter arrived earlier this year and we're so thrilled to get to know her more and more. She's a good 'un and unsurprisingly the center of our world since then. I have however managed to make a few bits and pieces  in the meantime but posting hasn't been keeping up!  I found a little time today to make a spare change mat so we can deep clean our other one.   Fox waterproof fabric on one side (from my visit to downtown LA last year) and a fat quarter and some spare orange on the other. It's padded with an old hand towel.    I roughly measured the towel. Then sewed three of the four sides before turning the right way around and finished with a strip of the fat quarter. I've plans to make another 'proper' one with real padding that folds up and also stores the nappies etc. but there's a few more things in my queue first!