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Making a skirt

A post on this has been long long overdue. The extended absence has been due to holidays and a crafting lull as well as shear laziness about photographing things! Well the wait is over people. I'm back in a crafting buzz and I started a screen printing course in a local high school. The instructor is ever so slightly ditzy but the course is fun and I managed to print on material last week. I doubt I'll have enough time as I didn't cut out the material until last night but I'd love to make it into a skirt for this week! I should also have enough prints left over to make into bags and anything else that strikes my fancy. I also printed an image from a children's book from the collection they had in class but it didn't work so well on my fabric. Think it would look much better on plain canvas. This week I'll try to print on the canvas I have hidden somewhere in my stash and create a few of my own prints too!