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FH Haul

Fabric Hoarders is such a wonderful group - we meet monthly for a sewing meetup and create for the day.  Sewists on hand for that pesky second opinion and to provide inspiration (there's some really amazing quilting going on at the moment).  Recently, one of the fabric hoarders brought in some lace, patterns and old burda style magazines.  This was my haul!

Route 66, Wigwam Motel and Viva Las Vegas

Despite my grand dreams, we drove to Las Vegas from LA in a normal rental car.   No soft top convertible for us :(  I can't remember why I chickened out at the time - I think it was the cost for the full week as though we wouldn't be doing a lot of driving once we arrived we did need to move accommodation and for me to drive back to LA. LA to Las Vegas is a rather quick drive but we stopped over on the way as I really wanted to check out the Wigwam Motel .  This way we could have dinner with a friend who lives close by, stop off at the outlet malls  and take our sweet time leaving on both days.  We were upgraded at the motel unexpectedly.  And while the motel was great value for money, its close to where the trucks stop off so there's a lot of sound in the mornings and its not in a scenic location by any stretch of the imagination!  When it was built it was in the countryside but now San Bernardino is pretty much part of LAs urban sprawl along the

keeping the cards coming

Keeping up with the next set of cards (incidentally these are created over the course of weeks but I just photograph them at the same time!) Paper and 3D foam sticker. Recycled paper (green), paper, washi tape, tape and 3D star stickers. Same as above. Pen, paper, foam sticker. Paper, outline text sticker and 3D star stickers. Recycled card (background), gold stickers and opaque sentiment text. Outline stickers, paper. Outline stickers, ribbon, paper. Outline text, sticker, paper. Recycled card, stickers. Paper, ribbon, outline text sticker and 3D star stickers. Printed paper, paper and outline sticker. Paper, outline sticker and pen (coloured in outline). Stickers, printed paper, paper and 3D candle stickers. Stickers, paper and 3D candle stickers. Rub on sticker, 3D tent sticker, paper. Printed image, stickers. Ribbon, paper and outline sticker. Outli