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putting up some cards

So in my online absence, I've been making cards... did you doubt it? The card above is an engagement card for my cousin (congrats!) This card is a bit 3D and uses some 3D paints too.


A cake by one of my friends for her husband on his 40th (I'll be getting my order in!) And a recent bake by me - I got dino cutters for my birthday in October last year and this is the first time I've managed to actually use them!

a lamping project

Purchased a lamp shade part in Made on Marion today - I have an idea for the slides and shade...


The Dowse in Lower Hutt hold an outdoor sculpture exhibition every few years.  BM and I took a wander out there for a look! Some really great work. I especially love this work - the outhouse is wonderful! This sculpture is made from wood. Still wood - crazy details!

Bear necessities

Meet Sydney. He's a recent make. Pattern is Louis from hop skip jump .   Lovely blog is here .  The book is beautiful and I'm so pleased I finally made something else from it rather than just fondling it!   (Original make here) I bought the small flower buttons in Shanghai. And bought the fabric in Spotlight years ago (and made a few things with the  green version  I bought;  another green version , and yet another green version ). Turned out cute!

MIA: Valentine's Day Card

I've been MIA for quite a while.  Life definitely got in the way and computer troubles didn't help matters.  This is a card I made for BM for Valentine's Day.  I found the image online and put the text on in Publisher.  The insect is a Michael's card embellishment from the US purchased mid last year.