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Finding a new (blog) home

I've decided to update my look at least in blog terms.  Crafty mermaid just doesn't feel 'me' any more.  I've set up a new blog and look forward to seeing you there!

New homes

A few quick card makes.  I haven't been as prolific as usual in my card making this year and these were for a house warming, to say hi to a friend who was soldering on, two new baby cards, and one for a relation on BMs who is ill and recovering. I made the 3 for BM to give him a choice. Not a lot of cards stockpiled at the moment. I just haven’t been making them over the last year or so. Possibly because my craft stuff is unevenly distributed throughout the house and not so easy to access. 


A few quick and oh so satisfying makes with cotton yarn.  I followed the Greedy for Colour Christmas Bauble tutorial at the start and then kind of winged it at the end. I also added a few beads for an extra dimension.

We’re all going on a bear hunt

Deets: Self styled pattern using Peter Pan merino baby in 3037 (darker purple) and ? (lighter purple) and I presume size 6mm crochet hook. In the pursuit of using up my existing yarn (these skeins were left over from LP's blanket ), I got out my hook and tried to make up a new crochet hat but its massive so it won't be fitting LP for quite some time.  In the meantime, its gone into the present box for an older child to be gifted with it at some point!

Black Itch to stitch Tierras joggers

A pair of Itch to Stitch Tierras Woven Joggers The Deets: Itch to Stitch Tierras Woven Joggers in size 12. Black fabric from stash (one of my first purchases and completely unsuited to the dress I thought I would make with it!) and black lining from stash from the Star Fish liquidation sale (I have quite a bit of this left over, so glad I bought a lot). I don't think this make is going to last that long as the fabric is likely to fray quite quickly. The Good:   A classy looking pair of trousers to add to my work wardrobe.  Length and size works.  This isn't the size recommended based on my measurements but is consistent with my Itch to Stitch Belize Skort pattern .  I didn't make any alternations to the rear and just sewed up the standard size 12. The Bad:   They don't really stay up if there's anything in the pockets and the back is a little low despite my significantly lacking behind. The Changes: I made a straight size 12 but didn't include the cor

Let them eat cake

For some reason, I've been collecting photos of cakes past consumed.  These were somewhat worthy of a post.  I just can't seem to shake the idea that they need to be noted in some way. I think it all started with my fixation on getting a 'real' birthday cake as my birthday present from BM last year. Forgive the added flower effects - but I was rather excited on cake collection.  This beast was from Sweet Bakery in Marsden village . And was actually as tasty as it should have been.  Also rather larger than expected.  We had a dinner party for a few friends and despite our and their best efforts only got through half! I'm definitely going to have to up my cake baking game!   Many of the confections you can buy easily outstrip my best efforts. How can you remotely compare to decadent creations ala Louis Sargeant - at least they're manageable size wise! Although some cakes aren't really anywhere near as edible in com

Admitting there is a stash

Our recent family trip to Ireland, the UK, and the States didn't result in quite as much fabric as it normally does!  Three main reasons... 1. LP is great at fabric shopping for a bit but gets bored and I had to drag BM around with us too! 2. It was mainly a work trip for me (BM and LP hung out while I conferenced, meeted and seminared) 3. I've discovered a wonderful online tool called the stash shrinker created by SewJourners Stash Shrinker is a pre-programmed excel spreadsheet to help you keep track of your fabric purchases against your fabric use.  By recording each sewn item and the amount of fabric used as well as the fabric purchases you can track how much your stash is increasing or decreasing.  I quite like it because I don't have to inventory my current stash and just mark in new purchases as well as record what I've made.  I originally started with a 3m out for every 1m in guideline but realised I just couldn't keep to it!  (Dammit!) 

Fabric buys

I bought fabric.  I bought star wars fabric. Randomly. Online. Via Facebook.  I don't know me any more.  Its pretty amazing though, eh?  I started going through my phone photos and realised there was a whole world of sewing related purchases I haven't blogged.  I think I had a bit of a stash realisation just before the end of last year.  I just wasn't sewing enough to reduce my stash and I was adding to it at a rate that while so satisfying also meant I would have to rehouse my LP altogether if I didn't do something.  LP is due to move into my former sewing room when she graduates from her cot. The fabric is cotton lycra and a really good weight.  My plan is to make matching tees for my brother and his daughter (please don't tell him!) and BM and our LP too.  I've gotten as far as cutting out and then losing hope (see below for the black cotton lycra deets). I shuffled off to Spotlight to buy a man's T pattern and came home with two extra (o

Dino Sparkles

I spent a little too much time shopping online since the arrival of the LP into my life.  On the plus side, I've discovered far flung corners of the internet.  I bought two iron on patches online during one late night foraging session.  I had a few plain white and cream tees for LP and wanted to jazz them up a bit.  Rather pleased with how this tee and patch turned out.  I can't seem to find the second patch (my sewing supplies are distributed between three rooms at the moment and its beyond this mere mortal to keep track despite my best efforts).  I ordered them from Ali Express and they took the normal 5 weeks or so to arrive for stupidly cheap.  I ironed on the patch and then sewed around the outside.  The second patch was missing its iron on backing so I'm not chomping at the bit to find a means of sticking it on before I sew it.  Haven't washed it yet so don't know the durability.  The tee is 12-18 months so not sure if I should just add it to the present

Black and white Tierras woven joggers

Pattern: Itch to Stitch Tierras Woven Joggers  in size 12 (I think - I really need to start taking electronic notes when I finish sewing the garment) Fabric: Can't remember but stashed. (The black and white top was for the photos - I couldn't help it) I quite like the fit and I didn't do any pattern adjustments.  These were actually the second pair I cut out but the first finished - I ran into a snag based on the fabric for the first pair.  These 'joggers' are elastic low waisted and are simply constructed but thankfully also include pockets.  Boom!  Love me some pockets! The major downside is that I haven't got the elastic length right at the waist and they have a tendency to migrate South on my body if I put anything into the pockets.  The pattern suggests a draw string but I wasn't keen and now I'm regretting it.  I reckon a hidden drawstring is the way to go in future and may even be what's needed to make me happier about

Crochet basket

Yes, it a humongous crochet basket. No, I don't have a good reason for making it, Yes, it was awesome. A few months ago on the way back from swimming with the LP, I dropped into an open studio at the Neighbourhood Studio on Adelaide Road.  I ended up buying three cones of oversized yarn from Plump & Co .  It was a complete OTT impulse purchase and I loved the stuff! I then hand crocheted (as in no crochet hook) myself a two coloured basket - for no particularly good reason at all. A rather quick but cramping process for my poor hands!  I used single crochet and three spools of yarn.  Two in purple and one in grey. The wonderful sewists of the Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network (who are also often fiber enthusiasts of some description - thanks Joy ) helped me figure out how to join the yarn together. Happily gifted to a house guest of ours the week it was finished and currently residing in Ireland.