Black Itch to stitch Tierras joggers

A pair of Itch to Stitch Tierras Woven Joggers

The Deets: Itch to Stitch Tierras Woven Joggers in size 12. Black fabric from stash (one of my first purchases and completely unsuited to the dress I thought I would make with it!) and black lining from stash from the Star Fish liquidation sale (I have quite a bit of this left over, so glad I bought a lot). I don't think this make is going to last that long as the fabric is likely to fray quite quickly.

The Good:  A classy looking pair of trousers to add to my work wardrobe.  Length and size works.  This isn't the size recommended based on my measurements but is consistent with my Itch to Stitch Belize Skort pattern.  I didn't make any alternations to the rear and just sewed up the standard size 12.

The Bad:  They don't really stay up if there's anything in the pockets and the back is a little low despite my significantly lacking behind.

The Changes: I made a straight size 12 but didn't include the cord. I really should have done as my lack of a rear means if I put *anything* in the pockets the joggers start descending my legs.  Self drafted lining from the main pattern pieces and attached to the waistband.  I lined to the knee because the fabric was a little more see through than expected.

The Verdict: Will make again but I don't think this pair will be a long running addition to my wardrobe due to fabric choice.  I can put up with the falling off bit by not using the pockets (such a waste!!!). 

Ooooh! Pocketses!

Side shot.  Baggy around the bum area but better than many other trousers I've tried.


Slightly more to the back


  1. There's something so satisfying about making trousers and I completely get why you didn't go through the process for fitting in the seat. Specially with lining. Can you retrofit the cord in the waistband so you can use your pocketses??


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