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We've had a tonne of house projects this year and currently the house's siding is being fixed.  If the weatherboard is cracked or rotten, we're replacing it.  If a lot is coming off we're putting insulation in behind it.  Lots of hammering and sawing and lots of scary pictures!

We had a fun afternoon tracking down the colour of the house paint.  As it turns out, its Wattyl's Flemish Blue (Deep Base, Solagard, B 144.0, E 280.0, V84.0, KX 144.0).  I love this colour and need to think about sheen's for when we get the house repainted next year.  For now we just went with the closest to the tin we already had.  One side of the house is done and we've painted a first coat of the blue.

We've also had scaffolding up for a while.  Its been hard to get in and out of the house with it though - this is our entrance walkway.

This is the other side of the house after a day's work removing the weatherboards.  There's a lot more work required here as we have to repair the struts as well and put in new insulation.

Lots of hammering and banging ahead.

But the scaffolding is pretty cool!  Unfortunately work hasn't started on the front of the house yet!

I thought I'd also fit in some good news.  When my parents were over at Christmas (very busy time for them!), Dad put a bar of wood on the outside of the patio doors to stop the wind coming in between them.  He did a great job and it looks like it should be there.  Though from the photo its obvious we have window painting to do next summer :(

Before I moved to New Zealand I didn't really understand wooden houses (and I still think they look like they're made from cardboard!).  This is the type of stuff we're fixing up at the moment - some lovely rotten planks.

But I had to end on a high point!  The garden is looking well for this time of year and my darling parents (yes, them again!) painted and repaired the fence in the front garden.  I really can't believe how much work they fitted in when they were here - we're so grateful and now I have the added bonus of thinking of them lots when I wander around the house.


  1. All such hard work, but it will all be worth it.
    It will look gorgeous when you have finished!!
    Love Helen xx

  2. Hey
    Loved you painting party...
    And i have tagged you for 'Versatile Blog'
    Chek ~

    1. Thanks - it was really good fun and thanks so much for the award - I'll have to think hard about my list!

  3. Well, plan to paint high places first and avoid leaning away from an extension ladder or scaffold more than an arm's length to either side so you can always keep your balance. Safety first. :D Hope the painting goes well for you.

  4. At least replacing the sidings gave you a reason to install new insulation on the house. Silver lining right there. ;)

    Wooden houses does seem to need more maintenance than brick ones, but I could live with that. If nothing else, it gives me something to do on idle days.

    Cody Charlebois

  5. True. In a place with lots of stormy weather, I might consider brick houses. But for a place that mostly has hot weather, brick houses would just roast you slowly if you don’t have AC at home. Heh. Plus, it’s easier to renovate wooden houses when you get the urge to do so.

    Terry Arnold @ Integrity Alaska


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