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One of the lovely Fabric Hoarders recycled the left over feathers from my Halloween costume (which it seems I might have forgotten to blog about altogether).  Another of the lovely FHs modelled the completed handiwork. Really nicely done and with such great lining too - if only I could claim it myself!

From Ireland to Chicago

I can't believe how long ago this all feels.  Gives me a serious case of homesickness.  It was wonderful to get back to Ireland for 5 days (yes 5!) in April.  And spend time catching up with friends and family. A real flying visit.  I had to be in Vegas when we were and then had a conference in Chicago about a week later - so what's a girl to do other than go home and say hi! Some parts of Ireland I miss a lot.  This bar is down a laneway in Cork where a really lovely and fantastic friend of mine lives.  We rented an apartment on AirBnB but the person who's apartment it is was a bit strange.  Didn't think we needed sheets on an inflatable mattress and also didn't tell us there was only one real bed.  The location was awesome though.  A real mixed bag.  I usually end up with some interesting stories to tell after AirBnB but its not something I'm keen to repeat as a solo traveller! From that AirBnB to the largest hotel room I've ever stayed

US Fabric haul and my pilgrimage to mood

Its been months but I've managed to download my photos of my fabric (and other bits) haul from the US.  I've started cutting up some of these and turning them into clothes so it would be good to actually post so I can figure out where they came from.  I seem to have focused on lace more than I have before.  I think the black lace should make a nice sleeve for a top (especially a raglan top or cardi like Muse's Sophie ).  Purchased at  Mood Fabrics . Cotton voile - destined to become a top. Purchased at  Mood Fabrics . Another cotton voile also destined to be a top at some top.  Thinking  Colette's Sorbetto  free pattern perhaps.  I have to rework this pattern before I make it up again - I've made it here but its gaping at the neckline.  From my reading of the internet, it seems I have a hollow chest :) Purchased at  Mood Fabrics . A very light lacy fabric.  I've already cut this out and its on its way to be a blank canvas tee .  Shoul