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Finally, my Egypt photos from last September!  This was the first time I'd been to a developing country and one with strong views on women.  I'm very glad that I went but it wasn't a relaxing holiday by any stretch.  We went to visit a long time friend of BM who's working over there and his wife.  Both of who are so very welcoming and were the highlight of our trip.  Because BM's friend works in the diplomatic service, we were able to ask (and more importantly get answers!) about many aspects of Egyptian life and not just the sites we visited. The whole experience was quite surreal - we got cheapo flights via Amsterdam which got into Cairo very early (I think it was 2am) on the first morning of our stay.  On our stop in Amsterdam, we noticed the different Dutch elements in the airport (selling tulip bulbs, porn, diamonds and cheese) compared with Dublin.  On the way back - the place seemed so similar to home in comparison! Arriving that early in the morning m