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Hot maternity

Coming towards the end of summer and my pregnancy I started to run out of clothes that fit. I really hadn't factored in that unless you buy or make tents they mightn't last the full pregnancy. Doh!  This fabric with the embroidery was a gift from BM's Pakistani friends from a trip home. Its a lovely light Weight cotton. I used cashmerettes Springfield top and extended the length. ( ) I had two lengths of the fabric - one with the embroidery and another without but a slight darker colourway.  So I was able to have a little fun with the binding. To keep the embroidery intact I seamed the front.  I wish this pattern had front darts (and not just bust ones) as I normally find it very shapeless -though the back is lovely due to the extra seaming there.  And bonus handkerchiefs with the leftover cotton. I practiced my rolled hem (so proud!) 

Dressing the bump

Wow. This post has been a long time coming - at least 7 months, given BoJ's date of arrival. (That's bundle of joy btw!) I was suffering through summer earlier this year and needed to expand my maternity wardrobe. Really wasn't keen on buying more so shopped my stash and hacked a previously hacked to fit me pattern.   I used my blank canvas (free!) t shirt pattern to quickly create three tees. Extended the length at the front and roushed (why can't I think of the correct term?) it up so there was belly expanding space at the front. The extra fabric is a little clearer in the pink tee as the basting stitch was left in for the photo.  Green and yellow fabrics from levana and no idea where the pink was from. Unfortunately I forgot to reduce the neckband for the pink tee as the pattern piece is too big. But remembered on the others. 

Making more of the cards

I haven't been on a card making binge for a while. Just making up cards as needed and it seems there's been quite a few highs and lows over the last few months. Welcoming new friends into the world. Thanking the lovely Midwives and hospital staff for their help with our bundle of joy's entrance to the world and saying farewell to family and friend's family.