Hot maternity

Coming towards the end of summer and my pregnancy I started to run out of clothes that fit. I really hadn't factored in that unless you buy or make tents they mightn't last the full pregnancy. Doh! 

This fabric with the embroidery was a gift from BM's Pakistani friends from a trip home. Its a lovely light Weight cotton. I used cashmerettes Springfield top and extended the length. (

I had two lengths of the fabric - one with the embroidery and another without but a slight darker colourway.  So I was able to have a little fun with the binding. To keep the embroidery intact I seamed the front. 

I wish this pattern had front darts (and not just bust ones) as I normally find it very shapeless -though the back is lovely due to the extra seaming there. 

And bonus handkerchiefs with the leftover cotton. I practiced my rolled hem (so proud!) 


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