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baby's blanket

I finished this off today.  Just the ends to be sewn in (for ages).  Just in time I think as the intended recipient is due to join us this week. Its a shell repeated pattern with four colour blocks. The yarn was mercurised cotton from the Underground Market in Wellington.  Not the most fun to work with - which explains why I took so long to sew in the ends... Here's the hook for size! I do like the finish on the top and bottom - I was able to repeat the scalloped pattern. Yarn: Mercurised cotton from DEA yarns , underground market Wellington .  Four spools. Hook: 3.5mm

Continuing my theme of finishing (overdue) things

These clay ornaments were fired and glazed in 2003 (or at least according to the date on their back!).  I finally sat down with them to finish them off.  Adding some ribbon and a bit of glitter.  I'm liking the finished product.

At last... a sewing post...

I spent rather a long time not making these - but thankfully its another lot of makes out of the 'to do' pile and into the 'put into use' pile :) These bags are modelled after a bag I got with my night's accommodation in Cairn's Australia a few years ago.  The hostel gave us a zip away reusable bag and I've reused it a lot since...  (to the extent that I blogged about fixing it her e - its still going strong). The kiwi is a screen print I made (again a few years ago) and the buttons are random ones from my stash - oh how I love my button stash!  I *think* the wooden one is from a quilt cover I loved growing up... So here's the bag unfolded.  Its calico ( screen print - eek from at least 2008 ) and Hungarian cotton ( a present from a friend ).   And here's the folding in process... Bam!

crocheted bookmarks

I had some crochet cotton for a lifetime (it seems) and finally found a rather relaxing use for it - these crochet bookmarks. According to Ravelry, it took me from September 2013 til today to finish them (they were sitting in my 'to finish off' pile for quite some time).  I finally used starch on them to make them more robust and blocked them out (which to be honest was just ironing them!). Looks like I'll be giving bookmarks as presents for quite some time to come... Pattern: Free from Crochet Roo on Ravelry - Yarn: Hook: 1.5mm