At last... a sewing post...

I spent rather a long time not making these - but thankfully its another lot of makes out of the 'to do' pile and into the 'put into use' pile :)

These bags are modelled after a bag I got with my night's accommodation in Cairn's Australia a few years ago.  The hostel gave us a zip away reusable bag and I've reused it a lot since...  (to the extent that I blogged about fixing it here - its still going strong).

The kiwi is a screen print I made (again a few years ago) and the buttons are random ones from my stash - oh how I love my button stash!  I *think* the wooden one is from a quilt cover I loved growing up...

So here's the bag unfolded.  Its calico (screen print - eek from at least 2008) and Hungarian cotton (a present from a friend).  

And here's the folding in process...



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