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The not cat cushion!

I made this baby up from squares I cut for my first misguided attempt at a WIP quilt  (eek!  I can't believe that's been hanging around since 2007!).  I really like the shape of the cushion.  Its made by rotating the corners of one side to the centre of the other.  Works well, no?  I got the idea from a book in the library but didn't take the name of the book down.   Even managed to put a zip in on the outside cover.  The fabric is some of the stash gifted to me by my grandmother . At least it hasn't been hanging around unloved since 2007! My original plan was to get the cats to migrate to this instead of their rather icky cat basket/cushion thing but I didn't make it big enough and the cats have no interest in it what so ever.  Plan on using it as a cushion for our front deck once the summer weather rolls in (any moment, now, please????).