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playing with paper

One of the things I've realised by using up my 'good' stickers, is that it is a little creatively stifling!  So I played around with some of my coloured paper and even just the page from my writing pad.  I really like how both of these turned out but I haven't used them on cards yet. 

more fun with stickers

There's something about this card that really works! (I was going to say makes my heart sing - but that might be overstating it a bit!)  The sticker is on a metallic green background.  I've really been too mean about using some of my 'good' craft supplies in the past and now I'm making an effort to use them as they give me a lot of pleasure when I look at the photos.  That's the wonderful thing about blogging - the making of a record that is backed up (no stealing of these photos, thank you very much, mr robbers). I really like this guy too - although there's not much input from me in the making of these cards. But if the stickers are as nice as these - why hide them?

second hand books

We recently had a clear out of our book collection.  We've been looking at houses for the last few months (but have stopped until next year) and in the interests of moving less stuff, we went through our books.  I love reading but there's only so many of those books that I know I'll reread in the future ( Jane Austen and the No. 1 ladies' detective agency being high on the reread list). Anyways, I got this book (and a Nigel Slater cookery book as well as some store credit) for our selection.  I haven't had time to make any of the designs yet.  However, I'm currently crocheting a cushion cover so this may come in very handy for ideas on how to finish it.

simple cards

Yes, you can see a trend emerging - I went on a card making spree for a while.  I really like the bright colours of these stickers and feel that they should speak for themselves on a card.  I prefer to use more muted colours in the complicated designs. (In the interests of full disclosure, I had the stickers for ages and only after a long talking to myself, was I able to use them!)

I have a thing about stationery

I seriously love this little notebook and just couldn't leave it in the shop. (I need to learn to do something about that) But now its in my gift box waiting for a gifting reason (birthdays, house moving or just because). Purchased from Smiggle .

and two others

I do like these two cards but they are very much back into my old ways of creating them; pleasing shapes and colours rather than a concerted effort to think about combinations. But I still think they're pretty and draw togethere a number of different elements. In the first card, I used printed paper from the Internet, stickers, embellishments and glue! This one used woven paper (background), two heart cut outs and a sticker. I do like how its turned out.

Not so creative

These three cards didn't quite turn out as wonderfully as I had hoped. The top card is one that I can't quite break down what's wrong. Whereas the other two are 'alright' and not much more than that. I do like the horse sticker but I'm not so pleased about how blurry my writing became. The Christmas card (you can't always keep the ideas in your head until Christmas you know!) was great in my head but the size of the font on the used wrapping paper I used just didn't pan out. I think its a littlel on the large side. I'll have to keep coming up with a few more ideas before November (international posting deadlines! hah!) comes rolling around.

Creative space

I haven't been in the most creative space recently. Partly due to the breakin and partly due to a lot of pressure at work. But I proudly present some cards that have been sitting on my camera for ages (thankfully or else the wonderful people who stole my laptop would be in proud possession of another batch of memories). I've been following a particular card making website over the last few months and its given me inspiration to create more complicated cards - I'm not sure if that should be complex or not! I really like the first card above, the sticker of the goat was purchased in Barcelona by mother for me. She was actually in the shop when it was robbed but didn't notice as she was too busy picking out lovely things for me (should I feel guilty??).  The background paper was from a box of Orla Kiely chocolates from Butlers.  I just couldn't throw it out! I've been experimenting with different patterns on the same card. I really like how this one tu

Isn't there something wonderful about bicycles?

I couldn't leave these tapes in the shop ( Kikki K in case you're wondering). What wonderful colours. I just hope there's a birthday coming up soon! :)

The Great Apron Swap 2010

I've just applied to be part of the Great Apron Swap of 2010 over at Red Gingham . Should be fun if anyone wants to join in :)

Craft 2.0

I am now a friend of Craft 2.0 .  A craft show held at the New Dowse in Lower Hutt about four times a year.  These were my membership booty! This was a while ago and luckily the burglars didn't take my camera.  I'm back online with a new netbook and waiting patiently to see what will be covered by the insurance.  We had an assessor come around last week and hopefully our claim will be processed quickly - it seemed to take ages to get to this point.


Our house was broken into yesterday and unfortunately my laptop was stolen (as well as BM's and a work laptop) so I'm off the internet at home for the foreseeable future.  I'm really annoyed about the lovely photographs I lost - just the ones that I haven't posted about yet. :(