Not so creative

These three cards didn't quite turn out as wonderfully as I had hoped. The top card is one that I can't quite break down what's wrong. Whereas the other two are 'alright' and not much more than that. I do like the horse sticker but I'm not so pleased about how blurry my writing became. The Christmas card (you can't always keep the ideas in your head until Christmas you know!) was great in my head but the size of the font on the used wrapping paper I used just didn't pan out. I think its a littlel on the large side. I'll have to keep coming up with a few more ideas before November (international posting deadlines! hah!) comes rolling around.

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  1. Your still crafting away, I love the little horse- very cute! Keep up the good work. I haven't made any cards in awhile, I bought new paper for cards and realised there were no envelopes with them- doh!!!

    All things nice...

  2. Oh I hate it when that happens! Its really annoying to have to find nice envelopes that match.


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