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More espressos

I made four (but wore one before I photographed!) I experimented with a few different waist elastics.   Another few bike shorts from the Espresso leggings pattern.  Past espresso makes here and here .  Fabric from Evans when they were shutting down.

baby quilt

A rather quick sewing make.  And my first finished quilt.   I really like the doily appliqué.     I even managed to iron the seams.  So pleased with myself. Didn't do so well on lining up the squares.  But they looked good regardless. Finished with minky fabric on the back. The minky fabric was from Spotlight especially for the project.  The top fabric was primarily gifted to me by my friend two years ago ( same as this guy! ).

More buntingI used

I finally finished a set of bunting that's taken me far too long to finish.  I used some bias binding purchased from Cuba Street ( similar to the stuff on this make ).  I used pinking scissors rather than finishing the seams.  Looks good but I wonder if it lasts.


Replacing a worn out apron. So pleased with this make.  Kimono silk fabric from a Fabric Hoaders swap ( blogged here ).  I self lined the fabric. The pocket is lined with a quilting cotton ( from this make too ). I used the rings from our old rather trashed apron.

Following the skyline

One of the wonderful girls from Fabric Hoarders organised a walk along the Skyline route in Wellington on Wellington anniversary day.  I've been meaning to do the walk for ages.  Isn't it wonderful when friends organise something I really want to do! We were greeted along the top of Mt Kaukau by this wonderful beast and his friends.  As you would expect based on Wellington's windy weather, it was windy!! Some wonderful views!

Fabric purchases

Made Marion have a beautiful selection of elastics (not I didn't buy them all!) I came home with 4m of the white elastic.  And added it to the stash of fabric I had yet to record!  I'm trying rather hard this year not to over purchase - ha! I've been saying that for a while ;)  A stretch denim (2.2m of cotton lyra) from the fabric store VIP sale.   Two knits from the fabric warehouse . The pinkier fabric is Polyester (16%), Viscose (78%) and Lycra (6%), width of 132cm.  The purple is Viscose (93%) and Lycra (7%).  And finally four merinos and two cottons from Levana (at the recent Fabric Hoarders Sewing Retreat).  Four fabric remanents and only the red and strip off the bolts.  Love that shop!  0.6m of black merino rib for $6.  1.2m black merino for $18.  1.2m of black and grey strip merino for $12.  1.2m of yellow cotton elastane for $9,60.  1m of red merino nylon for $12.  0.5m for yellow stripe cotton elastane for $5.  I'm usually rub