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House painting (again)

A lot of my weekends are filled with this at the moment. Lots of taking off old paint and reapplying it, hoping it won't bubble!  

What my brain looks like

These photos were on my phone when I downloaded them.  Random things that caught my eye. Possible future presents for a friend... Looking at cards for inspiration... Taking a photo of a book so I knew which one I should buy... And things to show BM.

bird kit

Doesn't this look fun?? :)

card update

Some more card makes     car d                

Giveaway on Sew Biased

Image   Go over and check out this pattern giveaway - what a wonderful idea!

face cloths - shell pattern

Some more facecloths finished :)


Just a quick card make...  Thought it was a cute way to mark Valentines' day.

home thinking

Just a random collection of images I wanted to record.  I loved the idea of these three lights hanging in our entry hall.  We currently have quite a big chandelier and it seems to have a bulb blow every two weeks. I also recently bought this chair for my study/craft room.  The huge advantage is that it doesn't roll over the central heating venting ducts in the room so I'm less likely to break them (again!).  And its a lot more space effective - I sold the old one on Trademe this week and hopefully it'll be out of my hair tonight! I love, love, love our swivel chair.  It means I can gaze out of the window without having to heft a chair around.  Surprizingly comfortable but unfortunately its started to squeek.  We're having someone come around to take a look at it! BM created this masterpiece of culinary delights recently.  Yum! I love how vibrant our garden gets in summer - although this was taken a few weeks ago.    

Merino wool

yum, yum, yum :) from the Wool Company and at this moment destined to become a blanket

birthday gift

I finally found a use for this box (which I got for my birthday in October!).  Playing cards!!   

working through the backlog

This was my 'to do' pile before Christmas.  I still haven't managed to sew in the ends on the blanket.

slouchy beanie

Mauve: Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran (55% merino wool, 33% microfibre and 12% cashmere). 2x50g. Colour: 300017 Red:  Debbie Bliss pure cotton. 2x50g. Colour: 39022. Hook: 5.0mm (pattern recommends 4.5 but I tend to the tight stitches) Pattern:        

Crochet Cat Blanket

The cats have a very grotty cat bed - but despite our attempts to get them new bedding, they just don't want to swap to the new stuff.  So I've crocheted them a cat blanket with some left over yarn.  I'm hoping (despite the displeasure shown in the fashion parade below) that we'll use it in the grotty bedding and then get them to swap over to the new stuff if we can take this over too. Fingers crossed anyway!