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Lemons - Ok one lemon

I love living in a country where you can have lemons growing in your garden. Amazing. Its my friend's garden but its wonderful, none the less.

A new pillow case

I got two pillows for Christmas and now have three that I like and only two pillow cases - so a morning session on the sewing machine was needed! I quite like the stripe even if it was only added because there was an unexpected tear in the fabric - I'd complain if the stuff hadn't been so cheap to start with.


A thank you card for people I stayed with over Christmas, a birthday card for my dad (I know, its a bit girlie - but I was running short on time and inspiration and he doesn't really care!) and a new home card for a friend who just bought a house. The cutouts are from the same punch I have for the card and I included them in the card - my friend loves things 'falling out' of cards! :)

My first tomato: in progress :D

Yeah! My first tomato. Ok, fine its still growing but I love it none the less! I have two plants - cherry and beef! I also planted lavendar and lettuce. The lettuce is nearly ready for consumption - I can' t wait! I also planted some seeds and they've been growing away it seems; coriander, rocket and sunflowers. The sunflowers aren't doing so well but fingers crossed some of them make it into existence.