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More blank canvas tees

And a round up of the final two Ts I made after my sewing course.  The blue fabric was sitting in my stash for quite a while.  The neck is merino. This one is a widened neckline improvement of this Tshirt . I recut the neckline.  I prefer using the double needle with a walking foot and it seems to work well for me. 

Me made may

Not quite me made may as I haven't signed up for the full pledge but after getting dressed this morning I realised why I loved sewing.  A me made Mabel from Colette. Espresso leggings. And a refashioned second hand top (formerly dress). I choose them all first and then realised apart from shoes and underwear it was a me made outfit! 

Blank canvas with Fireworks

Another Fabric a Brac make.  This time using the free Blank Canvas Tee pattern .  I love, love, love this fabric.  Its Desiree (who often sells left overs or offcuts at Fabric a Brac).  Apologies for the awkward photos - but at least you can tell its a real one!  No professional models here! The neck and sleeves are black merino from Levana .  I didn't quite have enough for the back so I put in an extra triangle just above the back sleeve. Rather pleased with the make. 

Daisy do

I recently took a T shirt making course at Made Marion in Wellington.  Its such a great resource to a have a city centre location to hire a sewing machine or do a sewing course!  The class was at a lower level than I expected as a lot of the people there were very much beginners but at least it improved my comfort with knit fabric!  The whole course is on sewing machines rather than an overlocker - so useful if you haven't invested in an overlocker.  I realised I need to trust my instincts more as I didn't learn a lot from the course, but on the up side I realised how much better I've gotten at sewing since my last class!  The use of a double needle will definitely stand to me. This was one of the Ts that I finished after the course.  The backing is from a  fabric hoarders  swap (thanks  the takahe bites !), the front is left over from another project (although I can't seem to find it) and the red is from a  fabric a brac  purchase. The Tshirt pattern is a

Gertie goodness

I was so excited to get a parcel of fabric and pattern from Gertie .  I've always wanted to make a slip and really couldn't get my head around what fabric would be good in terms of a stretch knit.   And I LOVE IT I made a few changes to the pattern to get it to fit better (as in a Full Bust Adjustment).  The pattern fits for a D cup but I'm a bit larger than that so sized up and graded between sizes for the waist and hips. The kit came with two flowery bows and suggested the placement at the V of the front. Wasn't so keen on it so had a play around with few other options I had to hand. In the end I left off the bow at the V and put it on the slit at the hem. A nice touch was the elastic on the inside of the lace at the front V.  It seems to stop the gaping a bit. Thankfully, the kit also came with all the bits and lace.  It was great to have my hand held so I knew what the pattern meant by the different sizes of

Being in the frame

This has been a bit of a bad blogging year.  I haven't been great at posting but the making has mostly been happening behind the scenes. This isn't a make of mine but its something with a lot of emotional value (and the creativity did come from this direction!) Not the greatest of photographs unfortunately (and as there is currently thunder and lightening outside of the house - and massive landslides cutting off one of the major routes into the city - its as good at its going to get!). The three utensils were a gift from my Grandfather to my Grandmother after he was stationed in the Congo as part of a UN peace keeping mission.  My Grandmother gave them to me a few years ago and I really love them.  There was a moment when after declaring them to NZ customs (as they're wood), the domestic terminal almost didn't allow me to bring them on as carry on on the plane!!  Eeeek!  I stood my ground as I had carried them as carry on via the States and UK from Ireland!