Being in the frame

This has been a bit of a bad blogging year.  I haven't been great at posting but the making has mostly been happening behind the scenes.

This isn't a make of mine but its something with a lot of emotional value (and the creativity did come from this direction!)

Not the greatest of photographs unfortunately (and as there is currently thunder and lightening outside of the house - and massive landslides cutting off one of the major routes into the city - its as good at its going to get!).

The three utensils were a gift from my Grandfather to my Grandmother after he was stationed in the Congo as part of a UN peace keeping mission.  My Grandmother gave them to me a few years ago and I really love them.  There was a moment when after declaring them to NZ customs (as they're wood), the domestic terminal almost didn't allow me to bring them on as carry on on the plane!!  Eeeek!  I stood my ground as I had carried them as carry on via the States and UK from Ireland!  The frame is very 3D and I really love how they've turned out - far too good to use!


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