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My last make before leaving NZ was the Cashmerette Appleton .  Inspired by both The Takahe Bites and Sew Biased , I wanted to try out the pattern.  I love that Cashmerette has designed for a curvy figure but was a little concerned that she has already factored in a Sway Back Adjustment . A sway back adjustment is great for other types of curvy figures but I don't need due to my almost non-existent derrière.   The dress came together quickly on my overlocker and apart from the waist ties, I didn't have any hiccups - plus there's a very helpful waist tie tutorial  and a sewalong for this dress.   So - what's it look like? It fits well and is comfy - but the wrap has a tendency to blow open in wind (not such a problem in Melbourne but will be really troublesome in Wellington!).  I plan on making a slip for it when I get back to Wellington (and my much missed overlocker).  I plan on making another version in a heavier fabric in future. I think the f

Melbourne - the adventure begins

Hee hee, I'm finally posting on my Melbourne adventures.  At this stage, I've been here three weeks followed by a week in Kaikoura for work and I'm back again.   BM and I are living downtown in an AirBnB one bed apartment for three months and city centre living has been fun so far.  I wondered if I would find the noise off putting but I like being in the heart of things.  Melbourne is a lot more multi-cultural than New Zealand (and it goes without saying, Ireland).  The city centre has a strong Asian population which has translated into a growing addiction to bubble tea as its so easily available. Both BM and I are here to work, so our adventures are restricted to the evenings and weekends.   The apartment is lovingly decorated from Ikea and I'm rather taken by the decor.  Bright, spacious and functional.  Perfect for two but entertaining is more of a problem.  We have a poker night on tonight and the living room is full to bursting with 7 people ...

A final kiwi round up

And this is the final Kiwi post before I start writing up my Melbourne adventures for 2016!   Hurray - I'm almost up to date in my posting :)   Thanks Gemma for the encouragement to get the posts written! I had a quick work trip up the East Coast in Jan - and managed an early morning beach stroll.  Stunning!  It might just be my favourite photo of the year. Spotlight had a sale on patterns just after Christmas - I think it was 3 for $15.  They're all Simplicity Amazing Fit patterns and they cater for different bust sizes.  I want to increase my work dress wardrobe. I brought one of these patterns with me to Melbourne and hope to at least mock up one before I get back to NZ.  Though as I'm already up to 3 fabric purchases (technically 5 but that's another story) and one piece I brought with me, I'm going to try and sew up what I have first - hah!  Famous last words? Work trip to Christchurch in December brought me past a veggie front

Muse Jenna Number 4

I love, love, love this pattern .  As evident by it being my fourth version.   1 and 3 are still in rotation ( 2 was donated ). Black merino knit from Levana  purchased in 2015.  Buttons from Made Marion  purchased especially in late 2015. Sorry again for the crappy photos! I really love wearing this cardi.  I messed up on the top and bottom button holes on the button band but as the fabric is black its not visible (phew!).   The only change I'd make in future is to tighten the sleeves at the bands (or taper them to it).  They're a tad on the loose side. The rest of the fit is great and its my go to cardi at the moment.  Not too bulky and not too light. I really like the bust/shoulder gathers.

Blank Canvas T Dress

Another Blank Canvas make - lengthened to a dress from the T pattern .  I added 16 inches to the end of my T pattern. Blue merino from Levana - not long in the stash .   The last photo is the most accurate for colour.  I need to take in the sides a tad - I had planned on taking this with me to Melbourne but the merino was a little too toasty for comfort so I snuck in a wear before I left.