Muse Jenna Number 4

I love, love, love this pattern.  As evident by it being my fourth version.  1 and 3 are still in rotation (2 was donated).

Black merino knit from Levana purchased in 2015. 

Buttons from Made Marion purchased especially in late 2015.

Sorry again for the crappy photos!

I really love wearing this cardi.  I messed up on the top and bottom button holes on the button band but as the fabric is black its not visible (phew!).  

The only change I'd make in future is to tighten the sleeves at the bands (or taper them to it).  They're a tad on the loose side. The rest of the fit is great and its my go to cardi at the moment.  Not too bulky and not too light.

I really like the bust/shoulder gathers.


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