A final kiwi round up

And this is the final Kiwi post before I start writing up my Melbourne adventures for 2016!  

Hurray - I'm almost up to date in my posting :)  Thanks Gemma for the encouragement to get the posts written!

I had a quick work trip up the East Coast in Jan - and managed an early morning beach stroll.  Stunning!  It might just be my favourite photo of the year.

Spotlight had a sale on patterns just after Christmas - I think it was 3 for $15.  They're all Simplicity Amazing Fit patterns and they cater for different bust sizes.  I want to increase my work dress wardrobe.

I brought one of these patterns with me to Melbourne and hope to at least mock up one before I get back to NZ.  Though as I'm already up to 3 fabric purchases (technically 5 but that's another story) and one piece I brought with me, I'm going to try and sew up what I have first - hah!  Famous last words?

Work trip to Christchurch in December brought me past a veggie front garden.  I love this idea rather than just wasted grass.

A quick cocktail in Merchant and Co in Wellington before our departure.  The non-alcoholic cocktail in the foreground was yum!  Definitely worth a revisit.


  1. You're welcome! I've been enjoying reading all your catch-up posts. I've fallen off the wagon again, but have a plan for a post this weekend. Looking forward to the Melbourne news.


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