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This was way too decadent not to share!

bowls and tealights

This little mushroom is now adorning our sitting room. Not too happy with it - way too close to the trinklet issue! But it should fit a nightlight and make some interesting shadows. I've also been playing with the pottery wheel as well as handbuilding. I really want to make a jug and sugar bowl as we actually need them. These two small bowls (I'm thinking dips) nest inside each other.


One of my two night courses is pottery and the first thing of the assembly line is this little bird, which I'll leave in the garden to get a bit distressed and hopefully add some interest. I'll need to be careful or else I'll have trinklets all over the house.


As we moved into a new house (closer to work - yeah!), we needed some soft furnishings! ;) My flatmate likes cord so I made two cushions which will be placed strategically around the place! This is similar to the one I made before and uses buttons and ribbon as well as overlapping fabric to keep the stuffing in place. I did remember to wash off the tailor's chalk (the orange in the first image) so that's why there's a lovely unstuffed picture of them on the line. I also love our brown chair and new deck - the chair was thrifted and given a new lease of life.


I probably should have ironed this before blogging it - but here's my latest cross stitch in all its wrinkled glory. I want to turn it into a cushion or a bag at some future stage. I'm now working on a very bright house one and need to think of what design to use for a card for my grandmother.

Cakes and Blogging

I haven't been blogging in ages mostly due to moving house, being busy in work and doing two night classes (fun but most of two nights). I've been testing different variations in muffin making. Though I forgot to take the after shot of these ones; cream cheese and raspberry and choc chip. Yum!