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Just a random collection of images I wanted to record.  I loved the idea of these three lights hanging in our entry hall.  We currently have quite a big chandelier and it seems to have a bulb blow every two weeks.

I also recently bought this chair for my study/craft room.  The huge advantage is that it doesn't roll over the central heating venting ducts in the room so I'm less likely to break them (again!).  And its a lot more space effective - I sold the old one on Trademe this week and hopefully it'll be out of my hair tonight!

I love, love, love our swivel chair.  It means I can gaze out of the window without having to heft a chair around.  Surprizingly comfortable but unfortunately its started to squeek.  We're having someone come around to take a look at it!

BM created this masterpiece of culinary delights recently.  Yum!

I love how vibrant our garden gets in summer - although this was taken a few weeks ago.
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