Dressing the bump

Wow. This post has been a long time coming - at least 7 months, given BoJ's date of arrival. (That's bundle of joy btw!)

I was suffering through summer earlier this year and needed to expand my maternity wardrobe. Really wasn't keen on buying more so shopped my stash and hacked a previously hacked to fit me pattern.  

I used my blank canvas (free!) t shirt pattern to quickly create three tees. Extended the length at the front and roushed (why can't I think of the correct term?) it up so there was belly expanding space at the front.

The extra fabric is a little clearer in the pink tee as the basting stitch was left in for the photo. 

Green and yellow fabrics from levana and no idea where the pink was from. Unfortunately I forgot to reduce the neckband for the pink tee as the pattern piece is too big. But remembered on the others. 


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