Taking stock and touching up

One of the maddening things about owning our house (a year this Easter!) is that most of the jobs we've done to the house are mostly invisible.  We've replaced all of the plumbing, certified the electrics, put in one shower vent and got the other one to vent outside instead of to the attic, moved light switches that needed to be moved, installed the television and aerial, fixed the floorboards, sprayed for borer, replaced a window and are currently getting the siding of the house fixed.  Most of these jobs aren't that noticable - though a hot shower in the morning without air bubbles in the pipes is very nice. 

However, one of the great things that still gives me a jolt of happiness is the painting my parents did over Christmas (welcome anytime!).  My mother painted our front door while BM and I were at work. 
The door step was also in need of love and attention.

Don't you love when someone does the job right - love the masking tape!

One of the strange (but usually funny) things our cats have discovered in this house is how to open doors.  One of them prefected the art of reaching up on his hind legs and opening the front door.  We were convinced that it was the wind for the first week or so of this new skill!  Unfortunately (aside from the heat escaping in the winter) the cat was also scratching the door.  While the door handle was off for painting, Dad fixed the spring.  The cat is very upset about the removal of this super power.

One of my favourite features of our house is the brass lion head knocker on the front door.  So I'm glad we could give it more glamorous surroundings.  One painted up door with ornamentation restored. 


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