carding pleasures

Some card makes for my aunt and some extras for me.  My aunt was very generous last Christmas and I wanted to say thank you - though it took time to get into the card making spirit.

A very belated thank you for another Christmas gift giver.  But I get there in the end...

This sheep card is to say thank you to the people we stayed with in Hokitika.

This is another 'special' make for a colleague of mine who had a bicycle accident when he was on a mountain biking trail one weekend.  He spent a week in hospital and got released this week and seems to be on the mend.
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  1. What lovely cards! I make the odd card on occasion but my problem is organisation of my supplies! it's all stuffed in a cupboard that I have to move things to get into, so I hardly ever do. You've given me inspiration to sort out my storage area!

    1. Thanks so much :) Though you might not say that about inspiration if you see my storage area! :(

  2. your cards are so cute, i love the map hearts! thank you for stopping by!


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