Fabric buys

I bought fabric.  I bought star wars fabric. Randomly. Online. Via Facebook.  I don't know me any more.  Its pretty amazing though, eh?  I started going through my phone photos and realised there was a whole world of sewing related purchases I haven't blogged.  I think I had a bit of a stash realisation just before the end of last year.  I just wasn't sewing enough to reduce my stash and I was adding to it at a rate that while so satisfying also meant I would have to rehouse my LP altogether if I didn't do something.  LP is due to move into my former sewing room when she graduates from her cot.

The fabric is cotton lycra and a really good weight.  My plan is to make matching tees for my brother and his daughter (please don't tell him!) and BM and our LP too.  I've gotten as far as cutting out and then losing hope (see below for the black cotton lycra deets).

I shuffled off to Spotlight to buy a man's T pattern and came home with two extra (oophs - there was a bulk special on and I got the two others for very cheap).

The parcel came with a few fabric samples and I fell in love with the star wars sweat shirting on the left (I *may* have purchased some later on!).

Levana purchases from just before I went back to work after maternity leave.  Anchors sweatshirting, black and teal nuyarn merino and two patterns.  I've made up the hip hop harem pants quite a bit but haven't made the vest.  I've bought another online pattern and made that up instead.  Most of the nuyarn is gone but I haven't cut into the anchors yet.

In my bid to make the matching tees, I figured I would buy black contrasting cotton lycra locally rather than shipping it from the states.  Massive mistake.  It took ages to find the right weight and when I did one lot just ran and ran and ran.  Not the best when I want it to coordinate with expensive printed 'main' fabric.  See the very dark colour catchers above.  I washed and dried the fabric multiple times and then chucked it into the bathtub again and was still getting bleeding.  Gah!!!  Between that and my coverstitch issues, I've put the project to one side.  I've a feeling the baby tees I've cut won't remotely fit when I work up the nerve to open that bag again.


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