Crochet basket

Yes, it a humongous crochet basket.

No, I don't have a good reason for making it,

Yes, it was awesome.

A few months ago on the way back from swimming with the LP, I dropped into an open studio at the Neighbourhood Studio on Adelaide Road.  I ended up buying three cones of oversized yarn from Plump & Co.  It was a complete OTT impulse purchase and I loved the stuff!

I then hand crocheted (as in no crochet hook) myself a two coloured basket - for no particularly good reason at all.

A rather quick but cramping process for my poor hands!  I used single crochet and three spools of yarn.  Two in purple and one in grey.

The wonderful sewists of the Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network (who are also often fiber enthusiasts of some description - thanks Joy) helped me figure out how to join the yarn together.

Happily gifted to a house guest of ours the week it was finished and currently residing in Ireland.


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