Admitting there is a stash

Our recent family trip to Ireland, the UK, and the States didn't result in quite as much fabric as it normally does!  Three main reasons...

1. LP is great at fabric shopping for a bit but gets bored and I had to drag BM around with us too!
2. It was mainly a work trip for me (BM and LP hung out while I conferenced, meeted and seminared)
3. I've discovered a wonderful online tool called the stash shrinker created by SewJourners

Stash Shrinker is a pre-programmed excel spreadsheet to help you keep track of your fabric purchases against your fabric use.  By recording each sewn item and the amount of fabric used as well as the fabric purchases you can track how much your stash is increasing or decreasing.  I quite like it because I don't have to inventory my current stash and just mark in new purchases as well as record what I've made.  I originally started with a 3m out for every 1m in guideline but realised I just couldn't keep to it!  (Dammit!) 

I'm really keen to get my fabric stash (and buying behaviour) under control as my sewing room will soon be given over to LP (cots last for ages, right?).  

I've been recording my makes and purchases since Jan and I'm currently behind the sewing up my stash ball.  Current totals are 26.75m out and 15.5m in (oophs!).  I've a few projects in the pipeline so should hit the magic 31m sewn soon!

So what made it into the stash?

Above: woollen remnant from Ardfinnan Woollen mills from my Grandmother's stash - which closed in 1975 a few years before I was born!  I've already cut into it and made it up - luckily before I knew its history or I would have spent too long dithering.

Embroidered linen also from my grandmother's stash.  Not sure what this will be.

1m of cat print flannel from JoAnns.  Bought to make LP pjs.  But haven't started them yet.

Printed cotton fat quarter (JoAnns). A general stash acquisition.

Batik fat quarter (JoAnns). A general stash acquisition.

Viscose from International Silks and Woollens in LA.  This was a fun shop - first time despite having been the area a few times on previous trips.  I think I defaulted to Mood before but they've moved so I went on the hunt for other fabric stores.  I wasn't keen on bringing LP and BM in to the garment district in downtown LA so wanted to hunt out more local options to where we were staying.

I'm planning on a woven top for me with this one.  Possibly the Cashmerette Montrose.  But I'm keen on a pattern with waist darts as my chest is quite large so a top without can turn very tent like very quickly.  I may alter an already adapted top instead (I'm holidaying in Whanganui at the moment so can't look it up) but it will require more edits as I'll have to adapt for my breastfeeding and post LP body.

Printed denim also from International Silks and Woollens.  I'm planning a pair of casual trousers - probably the Itch to Stitch Tierras.

And some trim for a future LP project again from International Silks and Woollens.  I was quite reserved but there was lots to tempt - I think the spreadsheet really helped keep my spending habits in check.  Its been useful to see how slowly I can actually add to my stash to keep up with my 
sewing, even when I seem to be quite productive.


  1. Ypu inspired me to start keeping track. Luckily im starting on some curtains from stash fabric first!


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