Let them eat cake

For some reason, I've been collecting photos of cakes past consumed.  These were somewhat worthy of a post.  I just can't seem to shake the idea that they need to be noted in some way.

I think it all started with my fixation on getting a 'real' birthday cake as my birthday present from BM last year.

Forgive the added flower effects - but I was rather excited on cake collection.  This beast was from Sweet Bakery in Marsden village.

And was actually as tasty as it should have been.  Also rather larger than expected.  We had a dinner party for a few friends and despite our and their best efforts only got through half!

I'm definitely going to have to up my cake baking game!   Many of the confections you can buy easily outstrip my best efforts.

How can you remotely compare to decadent creations ala Louis Sargeant - at least they're manageable size wise!

Although some cakes aren't really anywhere near as edible in comparison to how they present.  The cake above was bought to commemorate the passing of one of BM's cats while we were overseas.  So sad we couldn't be there and still missing his presence around the house.  Such a lovely tempered and friendly cat.  For some reason, I equate cake with life events so asked BM to buy something fancy and he delivered.  Unfortunately, New World doesn't quite have the taste at the level to match. 

And finally in this culinary tour of excess calories for the last 6-8 months, I bought these cute biscuits at the recent Fabric a Brac in Wellington.  (Luckily for my stash busting push this was my only take home purchase - ok, as well as a bag of cheese rolls!)  The biscuits are the brainchild of Sidonie's Kitchen and can be make up to order with your choice of text.


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