keeping the cards coming

Keeping up with the next set of cards (incidentally these are created over the course of weeks but I just photograph them at the same time!)

Paper and 3D foam sticker.

Recycled paper (green), paper, washi tape, tape and 3D star stickers.

Same as above.

Pen, paper, foam sticker.

Paper, outline text sticker and 3D star stickers.

Recycled card (background), gold stickers and opaque sentiment text.

Outline stickers, paper.

Outline stickers, ribbon, paper.

Outline text, sticker, paper.

Recycled card, stickers.

Paper, ribbon, outline text sticker and 3D star stickers.

Printed paper, paper and outline sticker.

Paper, outline sticker and pen (coloured in outline).

Stickers, printed paper, paper and 3D candle stickers.

Stickers, paper and 3D candle stickers.

Rub on sticker, 3D tent sticker, paper.

Printed image, stickers.

Ribbon, paper and outline sticker.

Outline text sticker, 3D star sticker, paper and recycled wrapping paper.

Image from magazine, printed paper, outline text sticker and sticker.

Outline sticker, pen (to colour in outline), sticker and image from magazine.

Printed paper, paper and 3D foam sticker.


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