Garden moments

Its coming into warmer weather slowly (and with a few false starts) in New Zealand.  I'm really enjoying discovering the treasures our new garden has in store.   

Some wonderful colour and beautiful surprises.

Wild garlic and splashes of bright brilliance.

I also had some wonderful news over the weekend.  My brother and his warm, bubbly, talented and all round wonderful girlfriend are engaged! :)

They went away for a trip to Edinburgh for the weekend and he proposed on one knee overlooking the city.  I couldn't be more delighted for them both.  They're really wonderful together (I may be over using that word!).

I wonder if I'll get to make a speech at the wedding!  Ha ha!  I doubt my brother would let me near the microphone :)

Now to convince them that a trip to New Zealand is the best honeymoon ever...

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  1. Love your garden pictures, you have some lovely flowers and plants there. Congratulations to your brother and his fiancee, I hope you can persuade them to visit NZ soon!
    Helen x


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