my latest card creations

I'm so happy that picassa has removed the five picture limit for blogger uploads! It means I don't have to spread the images out over a number of posts :)

The card above seems to work quite well. The card is metallic and the finding on the front is from a pair of earrings where one went walkabout when I wore them to work!

I have a thing about maps and I enjoyed putting this card together from washi tape, scrap paper and an old world map!

Not much personal input on this one - the bits are stickers my aunt gave me for a previous birthday (I think!)

Same set of stickers!

This was an idea that didn't quite work out. Glue and glitter. I think the heart needs to be closer to the right and potentially followed by two smaller ones (though I don't know if the smaller ones will be possible).

I haven't quite finished this card I think, I've placed the rest of this 'lot' into my card box but I think I need to locate my heart punch and add a cut out in the bottom right corner to finish this off.
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  1. lovely cards! I make my own cards from time to time, and inspiration is usually my problem. These are lovely.

  2. thanks so much :) I experimented a lot last year as most of my supplies were in NZ and I was in Ireland - but I think the cards I made there turned out better because of it! I ended up using a lot of card templates as there's some wonderful ones online to kickstart my imagination.


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