Fabric a brac

Fabric - a - brac is a biennial sewing event I adore.  I'm not really sure why I get quite as giddily excited every time.  Its partly the insight into other people's sewing stash and excitement of not knowing what you'll find and then meeting up with other sewing enthusiasts! The photo above is my haul from the second to last event.  And the photo below is from the last (I was quite constrained!).  So how have I done in terms of sewing this up in the meantime?

Still to sew - the cotton deer, blue cotton terry.
Sewn - B&W stripes and animals (top and pants for LP), red merino (used but didn't go well!), purple cotton ribbing (used for LP)

Sewn: Green cotton terry sewn as shorts for LP.
Pattern: Not yet - but so need to!
Yarn: Haven't crocheted this up yet :)

About a 50% pass rate I think!  I've been trying very hard to reduce my stash since the start of the year and have been using the Stash Shrinker spreadsheet by SewJourners.  I was doing well until my recent trip overseas and I haven't had a chance to sew since I got home (though I am halfway through another pair of trousers).  Its definitely helpful to keep track of what's coming in and going out.  I'm working on a 1 in 2 out ratio at the moment.  I had hoped to do a 1 in 3 out ratio but I found it too difficult not to buy!  The upcoming fabric a brac won't help either!


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