Stash Building and Busting

I had a writing retreat in Taupo in early December and had to keep my hands busy when I wasn’t working.  I ended up using up a ball of cotton yarn I purchased in Melbourne in November.  I only brought a single ball with me so the dimensions are out of whack.  I also didn’t sew in the ends as I hadn’t brought a needle but as I gifted it to a friend from the retreat this was the finished product!

I love the views over the Desert Road.

On the way to Taupo, I stopped off in the outlet for the Wool Company and bought 4 skeins of yarn that will be my first attempt at a crochet cardigan for me.  I have a Craftsy class on sizing up crochet patterns that I’m planning on following. 

On the way home, I had a quick stop in Levana in Levin on the way home.  Rather a lovely collection of knits came home with me afterwards…

Stretch cotton for more Barrie Briefs and a merino blend for a dress or top at some point.

Lots of bright blue merino destined to be a Tshirt dress.  The stripes are hopefully going to be a Tee.  I had plans for the grey as a Tee but we’ll see!

In the lead up to Christmas I also added to my stash by buying fabric from the fabric store and a papercut trouser (pleated pants) pattern using the voucher I got from BM for our second anniversary with a discount for the store’s loyalty programme.  The pattern and grey fabric are supposed to work together but I haven’t started making them up yet – a definite stash building moment.  The green fabric is a ponte from the Fabric Warehouse I bought to make up the Paprika Jade skirt. Nikki of Nikki's Stitches has already made a version and I had to get a copy – but despite my stash size, I didn’t have any suitable fabrics.  At some point, I’d love to just buy fabric for immediate (or at least near future) use.

Made Marion also had a pre- Christmas bash for customers and I wandered along after work.  I’d like to lie to myself and pretend that I thought I wouldn’t buy anything – but it was a stressful time of year so a bit of retail therapy was sorely needed.  (In my defence, I’ve summarised a month of buying stuff in a single post so it wasn’t quite as spend thrifty as it seems - *feeling guilty* much?)

There were 4 fat quarters; one of pohutukawa and tui, one of kowhai and tui, one raindrops and one apples (which can only be slightly seen in the second photo – its much harder to photograph when there’s cats being oh so helpful!).  Leimomi of the Dreamstress also purchased the map fabric for one of her courses at Made Marion and very kindly offered to sell it on to me.  Rather pleased with it but not sure what I’ll do with it yet.  The buttons are for a black merino Muse Jenna Cardi.


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