See Through Sorbetto

I'm finally blogging about 2016!  Woohoo!  I'm only half way through February...

I've been meaning to make up another Colette Sorbetto to improve on the two I took to Brazil but had a tendency to gape at the neckline.

After a fabric buying spree (limited to only three fabrics) at the Fabric Warehouse pop up shop last year, I knew that the bright yellow, semi-see through fabric was destined as a Sorbetto.

Highlighting the need to not start new 'thinking required' projects when tired, I started to do an FBA from the original pattern piece (rather than my altered pattern).  

I wanted to add 4" to the bust across the top and forgot to divide by 2.  I couldn't understand just how freakily large the pattern was getting given that I'd make it up before and hadn't needed quite as much 'extra'!  Turns out adding 4" to a single side explains my confusion.  After a restorative night's sleep, I amended the pattern and also took some 'fabric' out of the neckline area to account for what I now know is a hollow chest.  

Ta-dah!  One frumpy, unflattering garment.  So what's wrong.  Its too tight across the high bust and needs more shaping in the side seams after the bust - my tummy doesn't need all that space and the side seams are pulling to the back in two photos down.  The centre fold (which is nice in my other versions) is just too much with this fabric.

I also completely munted (*kiwi slang term, google it!) the back neckline and really stretched it out when I sewed it up.  

I was too slack to pattern match at the side seams - mostly because the fabric was disinclined to lay flat or still (and, well, cats).  


This colour is a bit closer to reality.  On the plus side, the bust adjustment works and I like the shape of the new neckline.  A fisheye adjustment to the amount of material in the high bust should help for the next version (especially as you can see some pulling of the armhole in the second last photo).  

I have plenty of fabric left over to make another version and this one is already at the op shop!


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