A round up of my card makes before my trip to Melbourne.

Wrapping paper (recycled), sticker and tissue paper (recycled).  And by recycled, I mean given to me as gift wrap and repurposed.

Fabric scraps and card (used).

Stickers and papers.

Fimo pig (me made), foam background, paper.

Repurposed (used) greeting card.

Recycled greeting card.

Stickers and paper.

Pen (glitter and metallic), foam ink and plastic jewels.  Basically a doodle with 3D elements.

Stickers and scrapbook paper.

Stickers and scrapbook paper.

Fimo (me made) octopus, stickers and paper.

Recycled greeting card and fabric pin.

Recycled greeting card and gauze.

Stickers, 3D ink and paper.

Glitter and glue sticker.

Glitter and glue sticker.

Stickers and paper.

Stickers and scrapbook paper.

Embellishment and paper.

Recycled greeting card and paper.

Stickers, paper and printed paper.

Stickers, paper, card and 3D embellishment.

Purchased embellishments (from a second hand shop).  I have quite a few of these so getting back on top of Christmas cards already (I ran out this year!)

Kiwi scrap fabric leftovers and recycled card.

Sentiment, paper and fimo fish embellishment (repurposed earrings purchased on sale).

Stickers, printed paper, double sided tape, glitter.

Felt Christmas tree embellishment, paper, sticker.  I love that tree!  I should be able to make my own at some point.

Sentiment, paper, staple.

Me made foam feather, beads, ribbon, paper, sticker.

Recycled greeting card, ribbon, bead, foam.

Me made fimo sun, stickers, foam (grass).

Recycled greeting card (birds), paper and printed paper.

Metal embellishment, paper.

Recycled greeting card, glue sticker (love) and heart sticker.


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