Blankets Big and Small

I finished quite a few crochet blankets in 2015.  These three just had to be introduced to the world together like the three bears.

The first is a granny square blanket for a queen bed made using the Wool Company Corriedale Yarn.  Its taken me quite a while to make up and I'm not sure when I started.  Its not a bad blanket but I'm just not in love with it when I finished it.  Its off to a friend's home when she buys some land with her partner (thankfully she doesn't read the blog so I'm not spoiling anything!).

I made it with a mixture of warm and cool reds, pinks, purples and blues.

Its rather a monster of a project and I got absolutely sick of making it about half way through.  Thank God for other WIPs so I can switch out!

The middle sized blanket was just for fun and is waiting on its intended recipient to make themselves known to me.  I love Lucy's (of Attic 24) ripple pattern.  So soothing to make.  Also Wool Company Corriedale Yarn.

The final blanket of the three (the baby bear) is for our cats!  They really enjoyed the granny square when I was making it up and spent a lot of time snuggling into it and kneading it - despite my shooing them off frequently.  So BM asked me to make one up for the fur boys.

They've quite taken to it on the basket (and it got quite furry! but a recent washing mishap has seriously felted the little blanket).


  1. They are all so lovely. Almost makes me want to learn to crochet ;-)

    1. Thanks - I'll happily help any time (but fair warning, I'm youtube taught so have no idea how to teach it!)

  2. Wow, they're gorgeous! I especially like the first one. The colour combinations in all of them are great.

    1. Thanks. I was so sick of it when I finished it that I'm only beginning to like it again!


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