Elephants, Burb cloths and Bibs

I've been doing a bit of unselfish sewing for a new arrival in my family - my brother will soon be a father and I had to gather supplies and make a few things to welcome the bub.  (Oh and I get to be an Aunt!!)

I made 6 elephants (not all for this bub as there's a few more advertised by friends too!).  The pattern is from Retro Mama and I've made it up before - in 2012 if I wasn't as slow about blogging as I am now!  Same fabric as a previous pair of PJs (which I wore to death - comfy and light), purchased in the early days of sewing when I hadn't a clue of how many metres to buy so still have quite a bit left over! The ears are in quilting cotton (some from leftovers on this top).    

And two with some pre-Christmas Made Marion quilting cotton purchases.

I also made up two bibs and 4 burb cloths for my new niece/nephew (niecphew?) using the Casey pattern from Sadi&Sam (originally from Spit up and Stilletos - and formerly free).

Quilting cotton with New Zealand pukekos for the bibs.  These are such a fun and cheeky bird - I hope it'll provide inspiration for my niecphew :)

The bibs are lined with facecloths (new ones) and there's more soft velcro than the scratchy side (hah!  I couldn't be bothered looking up the correct terms.

I really love that leaf fabric.  The red fabric is also a New Zealand design - my brother and sister in law are going to be so exotic when the babe is throwing up on them :)

They're lined with a fleecy cotton I had left over from a scarf project.


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