Even more T Shirts

Ha ha - please forgive the seriously glowing photos.  Two quick T makes before my Melbourne trip (still catching up!).  This T is the blank canvas T pattern.  

Fabric from the Fabric Warehouse Pop up shop - not too long in the stash :)  The fabric has a nice texture and I've worn it once last week (on a quick visit back to NZ - a bit too heavy for summer in Melbourne).  The downside is that it might catch very easily, but we'll wait and see...

I added a bit of extra length to the sleeves (I think from memory I doubled them).  I also shaped the side seams to give it a bit more of a flattering shape and extended the length by a few inches.  This one is size 45.

Another blank canvas T.  

And the fabric wasn't long in the stash either - from Levana.  This is a size down from the previous version (40 rather than 45) and I extended the length by a few inches.

I didn't do too badly on the pattern matching and the fabric is nicely light so I've been wearing in Melbourne frequently over the last month.

The blank canvas T is definitely a tried and true pattern at this stage.  I want to make few more tees when I get back to NZ but I want them to fill specific holes in my wardrobe.


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