Even More Tees

I was on a mission at the end of last year and early this year to finish all my sewing WIPs.  I started a 3 month sabbatical in Melbourne at the start of Feb so I was keen to clear the decks before I left.  As to whether I managed it, well, you'll just have to wait and see!

Here's three more tees...

All three are SBCC Tonic Tees and one even has a long sleeve.  Unfortunately, they suffer from the same fate as my previous versions of not a tight enough neckline (here, here and here but not here where the fabric was very stretchy so I chopped it even more than I needed to for the more recent makes).  Oophs.  To be remedied in future versions once I get back from Oz.  

The purple and the green versions aren't very nice fabric - the purchase lost in the mists of time but the black is a merino and nicely slinky.  The long sleeve length is nice and I'll use that on future versions.  I'm really keen to get proper basics into my wardrobe but will have to start weeding out the not quite right makes and purchased clothes soon.  

 I used my crappy machine to twin needle as the bobbin tension is a lot better.  But I couldn't find the extra stool holder...

Kiwi ingenuity must be rubbing off!


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