The most comfortable undies in the world

Ok, fine, I might be overstating it slightly (especially as I spent last weekend a little under the weather and watching Atelier on Netflix.  But these undies are incredibly comfy - especially as I've adapted the pattern for a flat seat.  

Wendy of Sew Biased put me on to the pattern at a Fabric Hoarders retreat and they're great to make up in stretch cotton - some of the other fabric hoarders have made them up in merino as well.

They're the Barrie Boy Cut Briefs by Kitschy Coo. I've made up the mid rise version a few times now and really enjoy wearing them (to the extent of throwing out some of my other less comfy pairs of more expensive underwear).  

I made them up in a cotton elastane stretch from Levana.

The only downside is they're not the sexiest of pairs but not that I've mastered the pattern (significant grading between sizing and taking out about an inch in the seat to account for a very flat seat), I'm planning on using the pattern with lace to get my stretch sewing mojo on!

Really quick to sew up on the overlocker (Wendy prefers her zigzag) and I've made quite a few pairs at this stage (I think the last count was up to 6!


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